We want to help university students come to know Jesus and commit to being part of his family – the Church. If you are just starting University or already a student download the Student Linkup app to find the church for you.

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We believe the local church is the hope of the student world. As such we are passionate about students being at the heart of local church and local church being at the heart of student mission.

Students will be able to browse your church profile immediately through and via the Student Linkup App when it launches in your nation.

Churches who create profiles have committed to:

  1. Welcoming students to their city and their church
  2. Helping students become disciples of Jesus Christ
  3. Preparing new students for the University experience

Churches connected

They grow up so fast!
Now they are going to university.
Are they ready?
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About Us

Student Linkup is a ministry of Fusion.

Fusion believes every student should have an opportunity to find hope in Jesus and home in the local church during their time at university.

We invite you to partner with us in bringing God’s love to the universities, to see a generation respond to Jesus.

Over the next 25 years one billion students will go through the world's universities and colleges.
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